Our Voiceover Process - Ensuring Success!

When you are looking to hire a voiceover talent for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming, to say the least (pardon the pun)!  All parties involved in your project must be able to communicate properly and thoroughly.  Good communication ensures timely success, with a final project that is complete and of the highest quality.

When interviewing potential voiceover talent and looking for a quote for your project, be sure to include as much of the following information as possible so that the person you hire knows exactly how you want your finished product.

•  Contact Information - for ease of communication it is best to have several ways to get in touch with all parties.(nowadays, most people prefer to use email and the telephone)

•  Time Constraints - if your project has a deadline, be sure to communicate that, in writing if possible.

•  Copy - assuming you are providing the script, always send the full and final script prior to recording, and even before requesting a job quote, if possible.  This lends itself to an effective and accurate price quote and saves unnecessary revisions later.  Don't have a script yet?  Well, no worries...Windy City Voice Talents can assist you by providing you with the perfect copy for your project (see Copywriting Services).

•  Project Details - give ideas of how you would like your company or product represented, specifically regarding production, delivery and performance.

•  Type of Media - be sure to tell us where and how the completed work will be used.  Don't know yet?  Windy City Voice Talents has contacts within the advertising and marketing biz to ensure your project reaches the correct audience. 

•  Resources - if you have a budget, negotiate within those limits and clearly communicate where those limitations are so we don't quote to provide services you cannot afford.  voiceover Services for your project can include copywriting, inclusion of background music and sound effects, mixdown, digital post-production, etc.  Did you know that Windy City Voice Talents is able to provide these and other services?  Be sure to ask!

•  Delivery - how do you want the final product delivered?  Make sure that the voiceover talent has the technological capability of providing you with the format you want (CD, MP3, WAV file, AIFF file, etc.).  These days, most professional voiceover artists utilize state-of-the-art digital studios.  Some of the voiceover professionals we work with even have invested in their own digital studios.  How cool is that!

•  Time - give the voice talent a limit within which to work measured in time or number of words.  This varies depending upon the type of media the project will be used for.  For example, a typical radio spot is 15 or 30 seconds long.  A typical television commercial can run for 30 seconds, one minute and sometimes even longer.  For audiobooks, quotes are based on the total number of words or number of finished recorded hours.

•  Payment - arrange how the voiceover professional will be paid.  Expect to put down ½ of the amount in advance to the work being done with the remaining ½ balance due when the final voice files are delivered.