Windy City Voice Talents offers a wide range of value-added services including:



Windy City Voice Talents provides voiceovers for a wide range of applications. These include: Animation, Cartoons, Video Games, Audiobooks, Children's Read-along Books and Products, Corporate Training Videos and Narrations, Documentaries, Dubbing, eLearning, ESL, Webinars, Tutorials, Medical and Pharmaceutical Narrations, Podcasts, Promos and Trailers, Internet Promotional Videos, Website, Powerpoint and Flash Presentations, Social Media Advertising and Marketing, Radio and Television Commercials, Public Service Announcements, Self-guided Tours, Telephony, IVR, On-Hold and Voicemail Prompts and virtually any other project requiring the spoken word!



Need help with conveying the correct information about your business or service to your audience? Windy City Voice Talents can help! We will work with you to develop the perfect script for your project.

audio production and editing


The production stage of your project is where all of the magic takes place. Production includes all aspects of the recording, editing and development of the finished project. This editing will normally include the removal of unwanted breaths, plosives, ambient sounds and the like. In addition, production efforts can be as straightforward as editing a single-track "dry voice" or as complex as creating a multi-track finished project that could include multiple voices, supportive music, sound effects, etc. Windy City Voice Talents utilizes the latest in digital studio equipment including the industry-standard, ProTools.



Want to help your clients and audience remember your business, product or services? Why not create a musical jingle? Research has proven "if you set it to music, you'll remember it!" Windy City Voice Talents has experience creating jingles and the vocalists necessary to help support your advertising needs.

public speaking


If your knees begin to knock when you step up to the microphone, or if public speaking just isn't your "bag", then look no further than Windy City Voice Talents. We'd love to provide professional voiceover talents for your next event! This includes speakers for corporate charity events, auctions, luncheons, awards ceremonies, conventions, fashion shows, etc. -- Just give us a call and we'll find the right voice to host or emcee your special occasion!