Meet Windy City Voice Talents...

Every project is different.  Every voice is unique.  Windy City Voice Talents wants to ensure that your message gets across to your audience by connecting you with the perfect voice for your project.  We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends in the voiceover industry and knowing which voice "styles" are currently "hot" and which ones sound "dated".  Just like fashion, the trends in the voiceover industry can be cyclical and are never definitive.  Today's "conversational" approach to reading a script may one day again be replaced by that old-school "announcer" voice or DJ we all used to listen to on the radio.  Only time will tell.

Windy City Voice Talents was formed to facilitate the process by which clients engage the services of a voiceover artist.  If you are looking for voiceover artists for your project, Windy City Voice Talents will help you find them through a quick and easy process.  Unlike many "other" voiceover talent pool websites, we don't require you to sift through thousands of voiceover demos wasting your valuable time and getting nowhere.  By following our simple process, we are able to narrow down the overwhelming selection of voices and present you with only those voices capable of creating the desired "mood" or "feel" for your project.  The choice is still yours...We just do all of the legwork!  If you need any other voiceover services, like copywriting, editing, or complete audio production, just be sure to ask!

Please take a moment to meet the founders of Windy City Voice Talents:

Kathy Poelker

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Kathy's Demos:

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Kathy Poelker

Kathy is one of the founders of Windy City Voice Talents located in Chicago IL. She is a voiceover artist, copywriter, and jingle writer. Kathy's warm, crystal clear voice brings a special touch of class and elegance to her voiceover work. Clients and voiceover coaches have described Kathy's voice as "versatile, sophisticated, smooth, genuine, trustworthy, articulate, caring, and strong" which makes her voice appropriate for a wide variety of genre and voiceover projects. This includes commercials, radio, TV, eLearning, narrations, industrials, children's books, IVR, websites, and audiobooks. Kathy is also experienced in broadcast marketing and robocall advertising.

A lifelong vocalist and musician, Kathy also uses her musical talents at Windy City Voice Talents to write and record jingles. She has directed and created projects in both English and Spanish for notable corporations including Sylvania and American Drug Stores.

Just so you know, Kathy's voice is not "new" behind the mic! Her singing voice has been enjoyed by young and old alike through her years of writing and recording work for young children. In the early career years following her studies at Northwestern University, Kathy Poelker founded Look At Me Productions, Inc. where she writes, records, and publishes children's educational music CDs and books used by teachers and programs throughout the United States and internationally. Kathy is a popular, motivational Keynote speaker who addresses early childhood teachers and professionals at conferences and programs throughout the country. Her music has won an ASCAP Popular Award every year for 23 consecutive years from 1988 through 2011. She has written and recorded over 150 songs for children in three languages, and her voiceover work includes narrations for two complete series of children's sing-along/read-along books.

When you're ready to hire your next female voiceover talent, call Kathy at 847-404-8567. She will be happy to discuss your project details and suggest the kind of vocal sound you're looking for! Let Kathy be YOUR next voice!

David Lecinski

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David's Demos:

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David Lecinski

Co-founder of Windy City Voice Talents and former Casting Advisory Manager for Voice123, David is not only a talented voiceover artist, he is also an extremely capable copywriter, audio producer and professionally trained sound engineer.

David thoroughly enjoys being "behind the mic" and spent more than a decade honing his skills working as a mobile DJ, emcee and sound engineer for a well-known Chicago entertainment company. He is also routinely invited to speak at various events throughout the Chicagoland area including trade shows, fundraisers and public auctions.

David's voice quality and style is fresh, modern and hip. Clients, coaches and industry peers also describe David's voice as "deep, smooth, strong, resonant and clear." Other voice qualities include "fun, upbeat, inviting, helpful, and friendly." This versatility coupled with his unique ability to interpret a script appeals to a wide range of listeners and is appropriate for a large variety of voiceover projects.

Some of David's recent voiceover experience includes: Writing and recording IVR and targeted "on-hold" content for various local businesses, broadcast marketing for Rush Hour Media Group, several new audiobook narration projects for Hawthorne Publishers and Look At Me Productions, providing voiceovers for Spanish translations, and more!

When not doing voiceover work, David can be found enjoying other hobbies including: Flying, diving, camping, hiking, and biking.

Since time is money, it is important to work with a voiceover artist that is not only capable, but dependable and flexible, as well. David is all three of these! When you're ready to hire your next male voiceover talent, give David a call at 847-858-2847. He is eager to hear your ideas and is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the perfect finished project you're looking for!